Feb 04 2021
Media Coverage

MediaVillage: VideoAmp’s Campaign Optimizer & Democritization of Data

Campaign Optimizer, Our End-to-End, Self-Service Software Solution Puts the Power of Data in Your Team’s Hands

With the launch of Campaign Optimizer, our main goal was to make our clients’ lives easier by giving them planning and buying tools along with easy access to data and insights. By democratizing data we’re making it accessible to the masses.

Our self-service solution allows planning and buying teams to do all of the below within a single intuitive platform:

  • Go beyond traditional multi-touch attribution with one holistic solution.
  • Access tools to measure performance across linear TV, OTT and digital channels.
  • Utilize in-flight optimization of media investments against any audience for optimal cross-channel reach, frequency and attribution.

MediaVillage columnist and industry veteran, Bill Harvey, deep dives on our Campaign Optimizer solution and how he sees it fitting into the industry’s overall trajectory.

Source: MediaVillage