Aug 25 2021
Press Releases

VideoAmp Partners with Snowflake, Providing Multi-Party Environments for Privacy-First Data Sharing

Los Angeles, August 25, 2021 — Software company VideoAmp, today announced a partnership with Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, which will provide VideoAmp clients with access to multi-party cloud environments as a new means of collaborating with data that enables the highest possible standard of privacy and security. The measurement partnership unlocks value and insights for advertisers, publishers and data owners, allowing for a comprehensive view of cross-screen media measurement and optimization. The use of multiple parties, as opposed to the traditional method of two-party data sharing, is a market leading capability and is currently being leveraged in a pilot program with a major TV network.

VideoAmp has been a customer of Snowflake for several years and the new partnership is part of Snowflake’s Powered by Snowflake program, which will allow VideoAmp to create a sophisticated data-sharing environment built upon Snowflake’s cloud and technology infrastructure. The integration equips VideoAmp with an end-to-end workflow, building upon their suite of planning, measurement, activation, attribution and optimization tools which are currently offered to VideoAmp’s brand, agency and network clients. The partnership provides VideoAmp clients and publisher partners with one of the most secure methods for gleaning insights and analyzing data available in the marketplace.

The industry is at a crossroads of regulatory change, privacy shifts and increased awareness around privacy rights. With change comes opportunity. We couldn’t be happier to partner with a company like Snowflake, who shares our level of commitment to preserving privacy and security for all stakeholders in the advertising ecosystem. The multi-party environments we’ve been able to build on Snowflake’s infrastructure allow for the extraction of high-quality insights from multiple data sources, without the data ever having to change hands,” said Ross McCray, Co-Founder and CEO of VideoAmp.

The first use case of the measurement partnership allows for multiple publishers and platforms to share their data in a privacy-first and secure way, providing their own parameters around how the data can be used from the onset. Publisher and platform data is combined with VideoAmp’s proprietary commingled TV dataset and a client’s first- and third-party data within their Snowflake platform and the native cloud environment. The depth and breadth of these sources provide advertisers and publishers with truly holistic insights on cross-screen media transactions. The data itself is never copied or moved from Snowflake and, therefore, sensitive information is not compromised. With data governance enforced through code, VideoAmp clients and partners are able to leverage previously restricted datasets and use cases, while publishers are able to enjoy peace of mind regarding the security of their data.

“VideoAmp’s innovative approach to data sharing and security is a perfect example of how we can maximize the value of the Snowflake Data Cloud, all while enjoying the highest standard of cloud security and performance. VideoAmp is a valued member of the emerging media cloud ecosystem” said Bill Stratton, Head of Media Strategy at Snowflake. VideoAmp is currently engaged in a pilot with a major US TV network that will enable holistic cross-screen reach and frequency measurement across multiple networks. For the first time, the network will be able to understand advanced audiences across their traditional linear TV and streaming portfolio down to an anonymized cohort of households and subscribers. The pilot will also allow advertisers to holistically measure their own advanced audiences across traditional linear TV, connected TV and online video. VideoAmp is expected to launch more private betas with unique use cases in Q4 of 2021.

Source: Business Wire