Oct 13 2021
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VideoAmp Partners with HyphaMetrics, Integrates Panel Insights into Their Data Measurement Solutions

Los Angeles, October 13, 2021 – Software and data platform, VideoAmp, today announced a partnership with HyphaMetrics, the only independent cross-screen and cross-walled-garden panel, to provide cross-screen audience measurement solutions for VideoAmp clients. The partnership will integrate HyphaMetrics’ omni-channel cross-device panel measurement with VideoAmp’s commingled TV viewership data to facilitate cutting edge audience insights.

Josh Chasin, VideoAmp’s Chief Measurability Officer, stated, “At VideoAmp we see panels as an important part of our overall solution set as the industry searches for a new holistic media measurement currency. We’ve been especially impressed with HyphaMetrics’ innovative, patented measurement tech stack and we look forward to working together to develop new measurement solutions for buyers and sellers of cross-screen advertising.”

VideoAmp’s early adoption of HyphaMetrics’ unique panel-based dataset is aligned with the WFA’s blueprint for Cross-Media Measurement, which outlines the merging of census data with panel data to facilitate the most comprehensive understanding of consumer media behavior. VideoAmp is a charter member of HyphaMetrics Content Metrics panel trial. The trial, which commenced in July of 2021, will run through the first quarter of 2022 to encompass major viewing events like the Superbowl and Winter Olympics.

“Panels play an integral role in providing a definitive understanding of how consumers interact with content and advertising across all of their devices and channels,” said Joanna Drews, CEO and Cofounder of HyphaMetrics. “We are excited for VideoAmp to incorporate this granular behavioral layer of data, covering all aspects of today’s unique viewing environment such as video gaming, secondary device usage and walled gardens.”

Specific measurement applications of this partnership include “personification” of VideoAmp household viewing to create persons ratings, as well as the development of a truth set for training Virtual IDs (VIDs), the identity construct recommended by the World Federation of Advertising (WFA) for creating cross-platform unduplicated reach.

The partnership will build off of VideoAmp’s proprietary commingled dataset, which is considered the most trusted and highest quality in the marketplace due to its scale and proprietary methodology used for combining various data sources. The dataset commingles ACR and Set-Top Box TV viewership data and integrates into multiple OTT and digital data sources using first-to-market, privacy-preserving offerings like cleanrooms. VideoAmp’s data, combined with a comprehensive toolset for planning, measurement and optimization, are all housed within the VideoAmp platform and provide a deduplicated view of media performance across traditional TV, streaming video and digital. The suite of tools and data enables advertisers and media owners to redefine the way media is valued, bought and sold.


About VideoAmp
VideoAmp is creating a more sophisticated data-driven advertising ecosystem that redefines how media is valued, bought and sold, creating a source of truth and standard for advertisers and media sellers.
The VideoAmp platform provides measurement and optimization tools that unify audiences across the disparate systems of traditional TV, streaming video and digital media. Unlocking new value for those currently operating within a siloed view of their audiences, VideoAmp creates efficiencies for the entire industry.
VideoAmp is transforming a 100-year old industry by powering a more effective three-way value exchange that results in advertisers increasing their return on investment, publishers increasing their revenues and improving the viewing experience for consumers.
VideoAmp is headquartered in Los Angeles with offices across the United States.

About HyphaMetrics
HyphaMetrics is an independent quality data supplier offering an all-encompassing view of what the world is watching. HyphaMetrics’ single-source, cross platform data pipeline, known as Zero Party Data, serves as the connective tissue through which the media ecosystem can communicate, and provides the precise, individual-level metrics needed for trading, optimization, and analytics in today’s unique media environment. Customers leverage Hypha’s cutting edge technology and industry-accepted research methodologies to humanize the media experience for consumers in a privacy-compliant manner.

Source: Business Wire