Jan 24 2022
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VideoAmp Named AdAge’s #1 Best Places To Work 2022

VIDEOAMP ENCOURAGES GROUP WORKOUTS AND ‘EXTREME ADVENTURE’: Ad tech company ranks No. 1 on Ad Age’s 2022 Best Places to Work list among companies with more than 200 employees

By Garett Sloane

When the pandemic sent everyone to work from home, employees at VideoAmp also went to work out from home. That’s because health-conscious CEO Ross McCray tries to instill his fitness focus into employees—whom the company affectionately calls Vampers.

McCray has been featured by numerous media outlets, which has given him a bit of a public profile. His rigorous workout regimen is a well-known part of his persona. McCray promotes companywide fitness challenges and he works out with new hires as part of the onboarding process. Last year, VideoAmp boasted that it broke a virtual Guinness World Record for most people jogging simultaneously online—162 employees and their family members participated. “We still host multiple virtual workouts throughout the week,” said Marisa Peters, VideoAmp’s chief people officer, “one being streamed from our on-premise gym at our HQ in Los Angeles. Thankfully, with safety protocols in place, we’ve been able to add more in-person classes.”

VideoAmp is a video ad software platform that has been growing rapidly in the past year. McCray has positioned VideoAmp to become a force in connected TV ad measurement, challenging longtime leaders in the space such as Nielsen. In October, it raised $275 million at a $1.4 billion valuation.

The pandemic has not slowed VideoAmp’s plans, either, as the company intends to double its workforce this year. That means more activities, too. Vampers are known to take group outings to ski resorts and over the summer the team went to the Hamptons on Long Island to meet with clients and coworkers. “We created outdoor adventures whenever we could,” Peters said, “treating clients and Vampers to a boat ride around the Hamptons, attending music festivals and hosting Thanksgiving dinner together.”

VideoAmp has some unique perks, too, including a daycare stipend, financial planning services and vacation stipends, “allowing our people to make time for extreme adventure and recovery with those they care about most,” Peters said.

Source: AdAge