May 31 2023
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VideoAmp Integrates with TransUnion’s TruAudience Marketing Solutions Business to Offer Unmatched Marketing Attribution Capabilities and Media Plan Optimization

MAY 31, 2023 – VideoAmp and TransUnion® (NYSE: TRU) have joined forces to release a comprehensive analytics solution for cross-platform media measurement and optimization. Marketers will now have even more accurate visibility into the effectiveness of their linear television advertising by integrating VideoAmp’s TV viewership dataset with the TruAudience® marketing analytics and attribution solution. 

The integration enables marketers to measure the impact of their campaigns across TV and digital channels, connect their media placements to purchase behavior, and use these media effectiveness insights to optimize media and creative placements, budget allocation, and audience targets. These comprehensive measurement outputs are fed into VideoAmp’s platform for real-time algorithmic media plan optimizations, allowing marketers to continually optimize their campaigns for improved effectiveness. 

“The integration between VideoAmp and TransUnion provides me and my team with a holistic understanding of Papa Johns consumers and the best ways to reach them. Having access to VideoAmp’s datafeeds not only bolsters our model, but we get a richer understanding of how our media is impacting the entire consumer journey. That ensures we don’t over or under-credit certain channels and that we make the smartest decisions possible with our media spend,” Chris Hawk, Director, Media Strategy & Investment Performance, Papa Johns.

The VideoAmp platform generates tactical recommendations for media plans that are optimized to achieve specific marketing goals throughout the campaign lifecycle, such as driving conversions or increasing brand awareness. These recommendations are algorithmically generated and based on measurement data, providing an automated way to continually optimize campaigns for maximum effectiveness. VideoAmp’s advertising platform ​​consolidates existing services and fragmented software tools into a single offering. As a single application that connects media buyers, media sellers and their technology and service providers, its suite of capabilities is designed to power advertising workflows most effectively.

TransUnion’s suite of TruAudience marketing solutions powers data-driven marketing and measurement with a suite of privacy-enhanced identity resolution, data enrichment, audience targeting, and advanced measurement solutions.  TransUnion’s identity graph platform (previously known as OneID™ from Neustar), enables TruAudience marketing solutions clients to continuously cleanse and enrich their consumer data to improve the accuracy and relevance of clients marketing and measurement activities.

“The integration of VideoAmp linear data into our suite of powerful marketing attribution and investment optimization solutions will help marketers measure and improve the incremental impact of this incredibly important channel,” said Michael Schoen, EVP of Marketing Solutions at TransUnion. “At TransUnion, we’re making marketing analytics and data science exponentially more accurate and actionable for marketers, and this partnership is a great addition to our unique combination of identity-based data and media-spanning integrations.” 

The ability to generate actionable recommendations for media plan optimizations based on the insights from both TransUnion’s marketing attribution platform and VideoAmp data enables marketers to make more informed decisions about how to best allocate their budgets.

“We’re thrilled to be working with TransUnion to unlock value for advertisers. This integration will provide marketers with a holistic view of their advertising performance, enabling them to make data-driven decisions and optimizations that drive better outcomes that connect directly into their media plans. Together, we can help brands better understand the impact of their advertising efforts and optimize their campaigns for maximum effectiveness,” Michael Parkes, President, VideoAmp.

VideoAmp’s advertising platform ​​consolidates existing services and fragmented software tools into a single offering. As a single application that connects media buyers, media sellers and their technology and service providers, its suite of capabilities is designed to power advertising workflows most effectively. With VideoAmp’s currency-grade data and solutions, clients are able to tap into advanced audiences and real-time insights to plan, optimize and measure reach and frequency across screens. 


About VideoAmp
VideoAmp is an advertising measurement, planning and optimization platform increasing the value of advertising by redefining how media is valued, bought and sold. Our platform automates advertising workflows, deduplicates audiences across traditional TV, streaming video, digital media and walled gardens and connects media exposures to an advertiser’s sales. By unlocking new value for the entire ecosystem, our platform allows brands, agencies and ad sellers to align on VideoAmp’s independent measurement as a new media currency to transact against. We are powering a more effective three-way value exchange that is built to increase the return on media investment for advertisers, increase revenue for ad sellers and provide a better viewing experience for consumers. VideoAmp is headquartered in Los Angeles and New York with offices across the United States. To learn more, visit

About TransUnion (NYSE:TRU) 
TransUnion is a global information and insights company with over 12,000 associates operating in more than 30 countries. We make trust possible by ensuring each person is reliably represented in the marketplace. We do this with a Tru™ picture of each person: an actionable view of consumers, stewarded with care. Through our acquisitions and technology investments we have developed innovative solutions that extend beyond our strong foundation in core credit into areas such as marketing, fraud, risk and advanced analytics. As a result, consumers and businesses can transact with confidence and achieve great things. We call this Information for Good® — and it leads to economic opportunity, great experiences and personal empowerment for millions of people around the world. 

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