Dec 07 2020
Media Coverage

Forbes: Media And Advertising Outlook In 2021

Forbes rounded up industry leaders and executives for their 2021 advertising predictions and forecasts for the year ahead. Our SVP of Marketing, Esther Maguire weighed in:

“Connected TV Prevails: It’s important to reach people when they’re most receptive to consuming ads, that’s why Connected TV will remain as a powerful medium for connecting the dots between awareness and attribution in 2021. One-to-one engagement is an advertiser’s dream, but from a privacy perspective, it’s difficult to make those connections. Barriers and regulations like GDPR, new PII classifications and the death of the cookie are only the beginning. People want to make authentic connections with brands, not feel like a target. For an advertiser to find the right moments to connect with consumers, CTV should be in their arsenal.”

Source: Forbes