Apr 08 2022
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eMarketer Report: Ad Measurement 2022

The Start of a New Era Measuring Video

eMarketer analyst, Evelyn Mitchell, conducted a report on the new era of video measurement and our Chief Measurability Officer, Josh Chasin, was able to weigh in via an Insider Intelligence interview, explaining what makes a measurement solution currency grade. According to Chasin, this happens when (1) the methodology is transparent and justifiable based on data and (2) the output is perceived by both the buy and sell side as being fair, objective, and as accurate as possible.

The full report covers three key questions:

  • Why are advertisers reassessing currencies and how are they changing?
  • What challenges does the advertising industry face in adopting common currencies and standards to measure video ad performance?
  • How will video ad measurement change in the next year?

Check it out here.

Source: eMarketer