Nov 01 2021
Media Coverage

ANA To Test Cross-Media Measurement System With VideoAmp

Pilot to be in-market by second quarter of 2022

By Jon Lafayette

The Association of National Advertisers announced that it will test a cross-media measurement system provided by VideoAmp.

The announcement comes amid dissatisfaction with Nielsen and an industry-wide search for measurement alternatives.

In September, ViacomCBS announced that it would be using data from VideoAmp as currency for some national media sales. NBCUniversal and the VAB have also been soliciting different measurement approaches.

“The goal of the VideoAmp component pilot is to quantitatively assess the cross-screen reach and frequency of advertising campaigns using different approaches to the VID model and examine which derive higher accuracy for TV reach and frequency curves,” said Nathalie Bordes, executive VP of measurement for marketers at the ANA. “This partnership represents an important milestone in the development of the cross-media measurement solution.”

Bordes said that ANA expects to be in market with an end-to-end pilot late in the second quarter of 2022.

The test is the result of the ANA’s Cross-Media Measurement initiative. The project is an ANA priority designed to improve advertiser decision making.

The CMM initiative aims to create transparent system of measurement that restores essential metrics of campaign measurement and provides complete measures of all ad exposures, including deduplicated reach and frequency across all platforms.

The VideoAmp pilot is focused on testing the use of Virtual ID (VID) for television in the U.S. The overall goal is to test and learn more about the VID process to produce cross-media reach and frequency metrics for an advertising campaign. VideoAmp’s component pilot will test and evaluate approaches to the VID model and compare the results produced by the different methodologies.

“Cross-platform reach and frequency measurement is a top priority for marketers, but the methodology employed must give fair credit to TV, walled-garden, and other digitally-delivered ads. VideoAmp is excited to work with the ANA to help develop such an approach by combining our video measurement expertise with our unique contributions to the VID codebase,” said Jonathan Steuer, EVP of TV strategy and currency at VideoAmp.