Revolutionize Ad Targeting and Measurement with VALID

In a world where nearly half of ad targeting data is wrong, VideoAmp presents the game-changer: VALID – VideoAmp Linked Identity.

VideoAmp’s industry-leading identity solution commingles assets across multiple providers to enable greater accuracy, efficiency and precision than any individual identity source could.

Advertising should reach its intended audience. It’s that simple.
VALID is the culmination of industry-leading innovation, integrating assets from multiple providers into a single identity solution. The result? A surge in precision and efficiency that transcends the capabilities of any individual identity source.

Core Benefits

Enhanced Precision and Scale
VideoAmp’s proprietary fusion of identity assets heightens both accuracy and scale. We harness the strengths of various providers to present you with unmatched results:

Discover a Unified, Persistent Audience View
VALID isn’t just a solution; it’s your enduring source of truth. It offers an intelligent, privacy-preserving map of consumer journeys, providing a consistent, comprehensive view that empowers better advertising strategies.

Designed to be Future-Proof
While traditional identifiers like cookies crumble, VALID stands strong, integrating clean room infrastructure. Leveraging high-quality identifiers, including hashed emails and signed-in user data, for an accurate and privacy-first view of audiences.

Universal Interoperability at Your Fingertips
VALID is crafted for compatibility, seamlessly integrating with major identity providers for effortless data exchange. Ensuring smooth transitions and continuous performance.

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