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The Way We're Unlocking the Future of Measurement with Clean Rooms

Clean rooms are a flashy phrase across the advertising industry- but how do they actually work and why does it matter? Josh Hudgins, EVP of Product at VideoAmp, took the virtual stage with Dave Krenn, VP, Data Advancement & Vendor Enablement, Advanced Advertising, Paramount, to highlight the real world applications that data clean rooms solves for, and what the future of a more privacy compliant approach to measurement means.

"Clean rooms make all of what we do around advanced advertising faster and more efficient.”

Dave Krenn

VP, Data Advancement & Vendor Enablement, Advanced Advertising, Paramount

Key Takeaways

  • With privacy and security top of mind, data clean rooms enable more granular precision of analyses on joint datasets.
  • Clean Rooms aren’t a silver bullet. They require robust data, rigorous methodologies and best-in-class identity to produce accurate measurement without sacrificing privacy.
  • Clean rooms have evolved to serve the entire campaign lifecycle, with identity being at the core of this ecosystem.

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