Health & Wellness Be Well and Grow

We are committed to helping you grow your physical, mental, financial and spiritual wellness in harmony with your personal and professional responsibilities. It is our top priority to support the evolving needs of our people by providing resources and education to support you and your family.

  1. 01 Physical Wellness

    Physical wellness recognizes the need for physical activity, nutrition and sleep.

  2. 02 Mental Wellness

    Mental wellness provides the ability to navigate one’s emotions and weather the inevitable ups and downs of life.

  3. 03 Financial Wellness

    Financial wellness encompasses one’s education and personal satisfaction with current and future financial situations.

  4. 04 Spiritual Wellness

    Spiritual wellness explores the connection with one’s own purpose, direction or meaning, while connecting with those around them.

  5. 05 Intellectual Wellness

    Intellectual wellness recognizes creative abilities and finding avenues to grow in personally satisfying ways.


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Our Highlights

Since the inception of our Health & Wellness Program, we’ve seen great success. Here are some amazing highlights:

  • 6,042 VideoAmp fitness classes attended

  • 177 employees have attended at least one VideoAmp fitness class

  • 50%+ employee participation rate in team challenges

  • 20+ athletes have attended more than 100 classes

Our Health & Wellness Staff

We support our employees with an incredible lineup of health coaches.

At WestLa Athletics we offer functional fitness in the style of high intensity interval training. From the novice to the elite level athlete we offer a gym for everyone. Every class is scalable and every workout is designed to get you to reach your goals. Beyond the group class environment we also offer personal training, nutrition and ice bath and sauna services. If your goal is to look good, feel good, and become your most confident self West LA Athletics is the place for you.

You can go anywhere to workout. You can’t go anywhere to train. The Strength Club NYC is a gym and community focused on building the strongest version of you – physically and mentally. Classes focus primarily on strength training with some conditioning and skill work mixed in. Every day of the week the focus is on different body part splits. The programming is designed this way so you can go hard each workout and give your body the time it needs to recover and rebuild before doing it all over again!

Raphie’s interest in self care and holistic practices ventures farther than her Traditional Chinese Medicine roots. She implements her knowledge of the human anatomy and the bodies subtle needs to amplify her yoga classes. Raphies’ yoga journey began over a decade before she committed to her path as a teacher. She completed her 200Hr. teacher training at Goda Yoga (now called Soul Play) in Culver City in 2015 under the guidance of Kate Duyn and Cheryl Moss. She has expanded on her training throughout the years, having completed her advanced sequencing and chair practice with MaryDana Kate Duyn. Raphie currently teaches at Light on Lotus in Mar Vista and Equinox in Culver City.

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