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One of our core values is embracing wellness and caring for everyone on our team. We are committed to helping our people grow their physical, mental, emotional, financial and spiritual wellness in harmony with their professional responsibilities. We support the evolving and different healthcare needs of our people and will do anything within our power to eliminate barriers that limit access to healthcare and resources.

There are inflection points throughout our lives when life events may cause harm or help that forever changes the trajectory of our path forward. As an organization, we are steadfast in our commitment to ensure all Vampers have our full support throughout your time here and especially at inflection points in our lives. By extension, our support for you and your families impacted is of paramount importance to us.

  1. 01 Physical Wellness

    Physical wellness recognizes the need for physical activity, nutrition and sleep.

  2. 02 Mental Wellness

    Mental wellness provides the ability to navigate one’s emotions and weather the inevitable ups and downs of life.

  3. 03 Financial Wellness

    Financial wellness encompasses one’s education and personal satisfaction with current and future financial situations.

  4. 04 Spiritual Wellness

    Spiritual wellness explores the connection with one’s own purpose, direction or meaning, while connecting with those around them.

  5. 05 Intellectual Wellness

    Intellectual wellness recognizes creative abilities and finding avenues to grow in personally satisfying ways.


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Our Highlights

Since the inception of our Health & Wellness Program, we’ve seen great success. Here are some amazing highlights:

  • 6,042 VideoAmp fitness classes attended

  • 177 employees have attended at least one VideoAmp fitness class

  • 689 pounds of fat lost

  • 365 pounds of muscle gained

  • 50%+ employee participation rate in team challenges

  • 20+ athletes have attended more than 100 classes

Our Health & Wellness Staff

We support our employees with an incredible lineup of health coaches.

Jessica Suver (Head Coach of West LA Athletics) was collegiate Division 1 Rower and started CrossFit shortly after college. Competing at the Regional Level from 2010-2016 and competing at the CrossFit Games in 2013 on Paradiso CrossFit’s Team. Through this experience Jess learned that though she loves to compete, she loves coaching and programming even more. She programmed for Group Class and the competitive team at Paradiso CrossFit from 2016-2021 and will continue to bring her programming expertise to the West LA Athletics team. Jess believes in the CrossFit methodology that our needs differ by degree not kind. This means an elite athlete and a grandma can participate in the same class with the same programming but one may be working on squatting to a chair while the other may be doing back squat reps at 300 pounds. These experiences create community and belonging and the push of seeing others work hard makes all of us just a little bit better.

As a yoga student and instructor, Kristina’s practice reflects her wide-ranging interests. On and off the mat, she is committed to the study of consciousness, neutrality, yogic philosophy, anatomy, asana, mudras and somatic practices. These elements inform her playful and dynamic instructive style. Kristina is a 200 E-RYT Yoga Alliance instructor with advanced certifications and apprenticeship hours in dynamic sequencing, hands-on adjustments, Yin yoga, pre-natal yoga, yoga for elders and for athletes.

Elizabeth has over 13 years of experience as a classically trained Pilates instructor. She has earned comprehensive certifications in Thai Yoga massage and Advanced Usui Reiki. More recently, Elizabeth has been working closely with Denise Chyette, a Doctor of Physical Therapy, to bring together physical therapy and Pilates in a way that is unique and effective. The heart of Elizabeth’s technique is building core strength and increasing flexibility.

George’s work guides people to safely engage their inner world in order to heal themselves. George believes a focus on our own healing can transform our relationships and external world. He was trained by Breathwork teacher and healer David Elliot. George supports clients through a combination of 1:1 sessions, workshops, virtual groups and corporate offerings. He currently lives in Venice, CA.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Tre Hopson started his career over 25 years ago with the Nike-sponsored Culture Shock LA Dance Team. From there, he began to make a name for himself, and started teaching his own class in a style he calls “Tre-ography.” Throughout his career, Tre has traveled the world and worked with some of the biggest names in music, such as Will Smith, Usher, Michael Jackson, Mario and choreographed for MC Lyte. His style of dance is Hip-Hop, Jazz and Street with a touch of “Tre.”

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