It’s About People

Design isn’t about trends, software, enterprise platforms or technology. It’s about people, and it always has been. (Spoiler alert: That’s never going to change.)

From our organizational structure to our processes, we are most definitely — and very proudly — a little bit different. The Design Team defines, crafts and unifies all visual and tactile brand elements with an equal seat at the table, alongside all other disciplines. That makes us different.

The Design Team aims to be perfectly positioned to drive our brand story, culture and vibe across every endpoint the company leverages. Doing so requires an alignment that comes from five core design tenets.

  • DT 01

    Keep It Simple

    Design is about communication. The most effective way to communicate is simply, concisely and in a language that people can easily understand.

  • DT 02

    Be a Good Host

    The humans on the other side of the screen deserve to be well catered to and made to feel comfortable. We are their champions. Nothing less.

  • DT 03

    Don’t Decorate

    Decoration is clutter. We owe our users an efficient, beautiful and elegant solution where they can concentrate, find what they need quickly and move on with their lives.

  • DT 04

    Fail Faster

    Do it. Break it. Fix it. Break it again. Rinse. Repeat. We ideate, iterate and test at a swift pace because our design work benefits from direct feedback and testing.

  • DT 05

    Details Matter

    Every color, every pixel and every step in a workflow matters — padding, fields, verbiage, everything — and must be considered, respected and correct.


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