Competitive Insights

Get Ahead of Your Competition

Advertisers operate in an industry where competitive advantages are king. If you’re not on top of your game, you’re being outsmarted and outperformed by your competition.

And the thing about competitive advantages? If they’re not sustainable, they’re not driving success. Sustainability in advertising technology means utilizing solutions that drive tangible business outcomes, backed by data that’s not only accurate, but wildly informative. So, how can we help?

The VideoAmp Platform empowers you to gain competitive insights into the linear performance of your own media, and your selected competitors, to optimize your entire campaign across channels.

  • Understand your household reach and frequency by target audience against selected competitors
  • Compare your overall spend against competitors at the time frame selected
  • Leverage these insights to optimize your linear investment and win competitive market share
  • Visualize your share of voice distribution in market, over time
  • Measure your campaign performance against selected competitors by impressions or reach
  • Shift tactics by understanding reach penetration, spend levels and impression delivery
  • Reveal competitor spend per network by impressions or reach
  • Compare spend against a single competitor or all competitors selected
  • Eliminate wasteful investments by understanding the efficiency of your media buys

Like what you see? Request your own custom Competitive Insights linear report to see for yourself where opportunities await.

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