Mar 09 2021
Culture, Health

VideoAmp Breaks a Guinness Book World Record

by Marisa Peters, Chief People Officer

VideoAmp is a people-first organization awarded the BEST PLACE TO WORK by AdAge in 2021, ranked #10 in the country, and the #1 BEST PLACE TO WORK by BuiltInLA. We’re on a mission to establish a new workplace paradigm by creating an optimal experience for every Vamper. This mission wasn’t put on hold with the start of the pandemic. As we all continue to work from home, we’ve established new virtual ways for people to come together. We’re honored that we were recognized as leading above the rest.

As we continue to challenge ourselves and strive for excellence, we wanted to expand from the local and nationwide recognition to give people a once in a lifetime chance to break a world record. We invited our Vampers and their extended family members to join us to kick of 2021 by celebrating our wellbeing during a historic pandemic spanning the country to break a world record on Zoom. We entered the challenge to show that Vampers of all ages (from toddlers to grandparents) EMBRACE WELLNESS and MAKE IT FUN at VideoAmp.

On January 16, we broke the world record for the most people jogging or running together in a virtual setting establishing VideoAmp and all participants as GUINNESS BOOK WORLD RECORD HOLDERS!