Mar 31 2021

Values Spotlight: MAKE IT FUN

by Marisa Peters, Chief People Officer

When we think about our value “MAKE IT FUN,” a lot may be missed when taking it at face value. On the surface, one probably thinks of the parties, special events, meals and happy hours we used to partake in at our offices or when meeting with clients and colleagues. While these things are in fact extremely fun, we have to look beneath the surface to understand the true intention and definition. MAKING IT FUN allows for the spread of contagious positivity and space for people to realize their full potential and meaning in a healthy way, with a sense of community. I don’t know about you, but for me — I typically grow closer to fulfilling and tapping into my personal purpose in life by finding quiet space in my day to reflect, connecting with those closest to me and actively listening to my inner voice. But being a people person, I also love some good fun with music, great company, maybe a mic in hand and loud entertainment too! But back to finding meaning and positivity in our lives.

I recently read ALIVE AT WORK and found myself inspired by the resources Daniel Cable shares about social psychology and organizational effectiveness. I carried the book around with me for the past year and only recently made progress on reading. The timing couldn’t have been better because the wisdom would have likely fallen flat last year. For many, 2020 made it more difficult for us to find our own silver-lining approach to the pandemic as we looked to keep the VideoAmp Vibez alive while working from home. Fun and positivity took on a new life and purpose of its own. In the year ahead, many Vampers have shared their optimism about what 2021 holds for each of us. This gives us a greater opportunity to live this value by helping each other find meaning in our lives — not just at work, but personally as well. 

Humans aren’t built for routine and repetition. We’re designed to crave exploration, experimentation, and learning–in fact, there’s a part of our brains, which scientists have coined “the seeking system,” that rewards us for taking part in these activities. But the way organizations are run prevents many of us from following our innate impulses. As a result, we shut down. Things need to change. More than ever before, employee creativity and engagement are needed to win. Fortunately, it won’t take an extensive overhaul of your organizational culture to get started. With small nudges, you can personally help people reach their fullest potential.

From ALIVE AT WORK by Daniel M. Cable
  • How can we encourage people to bring their best selves to work and use their greatest strengths to help your organization flourish?
  • How can we build creative environments that motivate people to share ideas, work smarter, and embrace change?
  • How can we enhance people’s connection to their work and your customers?
  • How can we create personalized experiences that help people feel a deeper sense of purpose?

As we all embark on new hopes and ambitions in a post-COVID world, remember to tap into the passion, creativity and purpose sitting just beneath the surface for yourself, those on your team and colleagues. Let’s maximize the time we spend together, whether during structured meetings or more casual settings, to be be purposeful in our actions and outcomes. What commitment can you make to live this value more fully?