Jul 22 2021
Transformation Series

Transformation Series: Neil Simbulan

Neil Simbulan, Director of IT

I was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio where I found my love for golf, bouldering (also known as rock climbing!), photography and road biking. I made my way to Kent State University and got a B.B.A. in Management Information Systems and Associates Degree in Automotive Technology. The first job I landed was as a Honda Technician where I put my Auto Technology studies to use. But I always knew that IT was where I wanted to be long term and I gradually started making my way into the field.

I got an IT Consultant job at an Ohio based Managed Service Provider (MSP) where I was providing IT services for small companies that didn’t necessarily need an in-house, full time IT person. So, I had gotten the IT part of my career in place but knew that I also wanted to move on from Ohio. About every 6 months from the time I was 16 until I graduated college, I’d head to LA to visit family. I knew that’s where I really wanted to be from one of the first times I visited and made it my goal that once I graduated I would move out there.  

While at the MSP, I started applying for jobs and managed to find an internship at a tech company in El Segundo and that led the way to my life in Los Angeles. I’ve now been here for 12 years and have no plans of leaving. 

Since moving to California, all of my roles have been in the ad tech space, spanning from Desktop Support to eventually becoming an IT Manager, with a global team spanning across Singapore, Tel Aviv, New York and California. The company I was with had gone through a ton of mergers and acquisitions while I was there and I was able to help scale the business and IT infrastructure to accommodate the growth. When I’d started we were at 200 people and when I left we were at about 1000.  

When VideoAmp came up as an opportunity for me, it was really energizing and exciting to think of hitting the reset button and taking all of my experience in scaling a company during a period of hyper growth and reapplying it at VideoAmp. When I started at VideoAmp in 2019 I knew that I would be able to help add structure and process through the IT side to allow the company to grow and get to where it is today. 

The summer after I started was the first Vamplify event I attended, where the whole company gets together for team building and bonding. One of the most eye opening and inspiring things to happen since I’ve started at VideoAmp was hearing Ross talk about his story and how VideoAmp came to fruition. The story he told really painted the picture of what it takes to be a successful start-up and how to think like an entrepreneur. The entrepreneurial spirit at VideoAmp is palpable and infused throughout the culture which makes everyone feel empowered and motivated to take their tasks and deliverables to the next level — regardless of the team you’re on.

This is one of my favorite things about VideoAmp because it also attracts a certain type of person to our company. We truly are a people first company and everyone I work with is so inspiring. In my role I’m fortunate to have the opportunity to work with every department and get to know so many different types of people and what tools are the most important in helping them do their job successfully. One of my favorite teams to work with would have to be the revenue team. They help add an element of fun and creativity to my job that I wouldn’t typically come across in other IT roles. Making things fun is one of our core values and the Revenue team doesn’t disappoint!

From a personal growth standpoint, I feel like one of the biggest ways I’ve transformed at VideoAmp is through the aspect of health and wellness. It’s something I never focused on or gave much thought to in the past. Seeing it live and breathe within the culture is something I’ve really embraced and am so thankful for. I look forward to what’s to come for VideoAmp and how my role can help perpetuate the growth and greatness that’s surely in our future.