Aug 31 2021
Transformation Series

Transformation Series: Kristen Moe

Kristen Moe, Regional Sales Director

I’m originally from Minnesota – the land of 10,000 lakes, the Mighty Ducks and Prince! I had a typical Minnesota upbringing and love spending time with family and friends. Interests also include traveling, dogs, browsing Zillow, and gaming (especially Catan!).

I went to school at the University of Iowa (go Hawks!) and studied Marketing. I was always interested in exploring a career in the marketing and advertising field, but didn’t necessarily know much about adtech sales at the time. My first job out of college was actually in IT recruiting, which I quickly realized was not for me. I ended up joining an ad agency in Minneapolis as one of the first employees on their digital team. I was very excited to be a part of something from the ground up as digital media was still a newer channel at this agency. From there, one of the vendors that I worked with recruited me over to the sales side a few years later and that was that. I’ve been in adtech sales ever since! I’m very glad I ended up on this side of the industry as it’s led to a very rewarding career.

The biggest difference I’ve found working at VideoAmp compared to previous companies is the level of growth across all aspects of the organization. Whether that is growth from a career development standpoint, data and adtech standpoint, revenue standpoint, headcount/team standpoint, etc. VideoAmp is constantly pushing me and the industry forward and raising the bar for continued growth.

My job has evolved quite a bit since starting at VideoAmp two and a half years ago. I joined the team as an individual contributor Sales Director to help grow and expand our Minneapolis market. Over the last year, my role has evolved into Regional Sales Director overseeing our Midwest outer-market sales team across additional territories. It’s been very exciting to help expand our book of business across other Midwest markets beyond the Minneapolis market.

VideoAmp’s culture has definitely helped me grow both professionally and personally. Professionally, the level of talent among our people have pushed me to be better and constantly raise the bar for my own professional goals. On a personal level, VideoAmp’s dedication to health and wellness has really impacted my everyday life as well. It has been very rewarding to work for a company that not only offers their employees so many different health and wellness opportunities and benefits, but actually encourages them to prioritize their own health and wellness goals (in whatever form that may be).

The thing I love most about VideoAmp is the long-term vision and commitment to change the industry for the better. VideoAmp isn’t willing to just settle for the quick fixes of today, but is determined to provide solutions to better the industry long-term by enabling advertisers to more effectively measure and optimize their entire cross-channel portfolio of linear TV, OTT, Digital and walled gardens.