Jun 19 2020

The Making of a VideoAmp Legend: Father’s Day Edition

As we head into Father’s Day weekend, we wanted to shine a spotlight on some of the OG legends and say thank you to all of the incredible dads out there. We asked Vampers for the best pieces of advice their fathers have given them — we even got a Dad Joke to boot!

Kelsie Tyron, Regional Sales Director, Midwest, Chicago

Growing up my dad would always tell me, “nothing in life comes easy” in order to achieve your goals you must work extremely hard and remain persistent. If you do, you can achieve anything you set your mind to! 

Melissa Marks, Senior Manager, Marketing Science, NY

Lessons my dad has taught me: 

  1. It’s always okay to laugh at your own jokes because you are hilarious! 
  2. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime
  3. The better NY baseball team? The Mets DUH! 
Josh Chasin, Chief Measurability Officer, NY

Once, when I was a young man suffering from an especially bad break-up, my dad told me, “Sometimes, when you’re depressed, the best thing to do is just sit back and enjoy it.”

Another time, when I was in a crazy busy time at work, and working almost every waking hour, my dad asked me if I was getting any rest. “There’s sleep, and there’s rest,” he told me, “They’re two different things, and you need both.”

And finally…when I was in third grade, we were learning how to write in script. Each lesson we’d learn a new letter and then the homework was to copy and write out the words we’d learned with that letter. This particular day the letter was “F.” I hated script, was never any good at it, and this particular night, I was frustrated and crying trying to copy over all the words. My dad saw how annoyed I was, and said, “Why don’t you slip in the word “f***”? I was stupefied. My daddy said the F word! I’d never heard that before. “Come on, It’s not like she’s gonna read it,” he added. Well, I stopped crying, and the whole thing seemed silly and suddenly light. I did the assignment, and no, I did not slip in the word. But to this day, whenever I’m stuck on a particularly frustrating assignment, I hear my dad’s voice in the back of my head exhorting me, “Why don’t you slip in the word ‘f***’?” And it’s not quite so bad.

Sara Connery, Account Manager, NY

The best piece of advice my dad has given me has been to not take myself too seriously, to remember to have fun and enjoy the little moments everyday and always be grateful.

Blake McClean, Sales Director, Atlanta

My dad’s best ‘Dad Joke’: “What do you call a cow without any legs?  A ground beef”

Kerri Anderson, Senior Account Executive, NY

Kerri’s dad says: “A river cuts through rock, not because of its power but because of its persistence”  

Natalie Cofield, Account Executive, Chicago

Natalie’s Dad says: “Grin and bear it!”

Esther Maguire, SVP Marketing, LA

The best advice my dad ever gave me was,”Trust your intuition and never be scared to ask a question for fear of perception. People are so concerned with how they may be viewed by others that the real questions, those that could be a catalyst to change, are never asked. Have no fear. I guarantee others thought the same thing and you can be their voice.”

Gabrielle Thompson, Accounting Intern, LA

The best advice I’ve gotten from my dad (special shoutout to Nick Chakalos!) is, “the smartest people are the first to admit they don’t know everything.

Alexandra Schlobohm, Account Executive, NY

My father always told me to fully commit and do my absolute best when doing anything. He also always told me to not worry about what’s out of my control, only what’s controllable, which is my work ethic.

Marisa Peters, Chief People Officer, LA

Marisa’s dad says: “You can do anything, if you set your mind to it!”

Jessica Pritchard, Regional Sales Director, NY

Jessica’s dad says: “Always believe in yourself or others will stop believing in you” and “If you call your mother at work, it better be an emergency.” 

Rachel Acker, VP, Solutions, Strategy & Planning, LA

Rachel’s dad says: “Be careful. Be safe. Be sweet.”

Happy Father’s Day to all of the legendary dads out there!