Mar 22 2022
Thought Leadership

The ARF Dash Study

This past February we were honored to be a sponsor of the ARF Dash Study. The 2021 ARF Universe Study of Device and Account Sharing (ARF DASH) is a rigorous, single-source enumeration study whose purpose is to produce unbiased measures for assigning digital devices, streaming and e-commerce accounts to individuals and households.

This includes detecting co-viewing, device sharing and cross-platform usage, as well as assigning different devices to the same household. The multimodal study generates a holistic view of capability and usage across digital devices and media, which is useful for estimating universes and addressing biases and gaps in census level data.

Our Chief Measurability Officer, Josh Chasin, who championed this effort for VideoAmp, says: “If you’re in the business of understanding how Americans are using technology to entertain and inform themselves, there’s a ton of value that can be derived from this study.”

Check out the full study and additional materials here: