Jun 18 2021

Pushing Love Beyond Limits

Love Beyond Limits is a non-profit organization based in Long Beach, CA. Founded by Maleka Chris, the organization provides community youth & their parents with resources, training, and group counseling to foster stronger familial communication. The hope is this will in-turn help children make better decisions, and parents provide better support — building a stronger family bond together. Love Beyond Limits started organically out of Maleka’s own home; she frequently had her children’s friends over and loved the sense of community it created. She wondered about the larger community and if there were others (children or whole families) she could help to find solace, a safe space and some guidance. A slogan emerged: “The child you save could be your own.”

As things gained momentum, the effort grew and in 2019, they were chosen as California’s Non-Profit of the Year!

VideoAmp is partnering with Maleka and Love Beyond Limits to use our technology, resources and relationships to help raise funds for a group home. This home will provide children in need with a place to stay, whenever, cost-free. Donations also support their community with parent counseling and training as well as their programs in education, fitness, and more. Monetary contributions or tangible contributions like school supplies, gym equipment, sneakers, gift cards, or backpacks are all welcome.

Head over to their website and make a donation here or volunteer your time! Every little bit helps.