Mar 22 2023
Thought Leadership

New Currencies and The Three Essential Factors for Success

Josh Chasin, Chief Measurability Officer of VideoAmp, sat down with Beet.TV at Beet Retreat to discuss alternative currencies and what it will take for them to differentiate themselves in the market. The world of TV advertising is changing rapidly, with a multitude of measurement providers expected to replace the historic reliance on a single currency provider. “What advertisers are looking for is a unified currency that allows them to reach the audiences that they care about in a way that is seamless and integrated, and that also allows them to optimize their budgets and get the best possible results for their investment. So, it’s not just about measurement, it’s about measurement with an eye toward optimization and efficiency, and that’s where the market is headed.”

In order to find success as an alternative currency, Chasin outlines 3 factors that are necessary: 

  • Quality Data: The quality of the measurement data will be crucial in determining the success of a measurement provider. The provider that can turn this data into useful, actionable, and accurate information will stand out from the rest. 
  • Systems Integrations: Currency will be the place where ad tech and measurement converge. But it’s not enough to measure, the measurement needs to flow through pipes to reach all the places it needs to go. The provider that can measure and get that measurement to all the necessary places will have an advantage.
  • Identity: Mapping digital measurements to identities is critical in today’s digital landscape. Multi-sourcing identities using multiple signals will lead to a better identity that will help advertisers reach their target audience more effectively. 

VideoAmp’s platform is a single application that connects Media Buyers, Media Sellers, and their technology and service providers with a suite of capabilities designed to power advertising workflows most effectively. The platform is powered by VideoAmp’s currency-grade dataset, which is one of the largest commingled, deduplicated, and enriched footprints in the market. 

To learn more about VideoAmp’s currency offering or the other solutions offered through the VideoAmp platform, reach out at 

See Josh’s full interview from Beet.TV below: