May 06 2022

Mother’s Day

Here at VideoAmp, we are grateful to employ so many amazing, working mothers. To honor them, we asked the moms of VideoAmp if they’d like to share some of their wisdom, lessons, and joys with us this Mother’s Day. 

Sharon Lee, our SVP, Deputy General Counsel, celebrates this year with her 5 year old daughter and her second one on the way. Sharon shared some insight into how the pandemic changed her parenting style,

Being more present with my child as she grows. As awful as the pandemic has been, working from home has allowed me to focus completely on work during the day and I lose very little time as I shift my focus in the evenings to be with my kid. I’ve learned that for my daughter, she just cares that I’m present. She also enjoys seeing me work and tries to “work” alongside me, and I think it’s important for her to see the lives of her parents as a whole, instead of only seeing one side of us.

Alexandra Zheng, our Sr. Manager of Marketing Science, celebrates with her 1 year old and 10 month old. She said she accreddits her attitude towards parenting to her own parents who always told her to think positive when it came to being a mother. When asked how the pandemic affected her parenting routine she said

that now I can spend more time with my baby.”

Cyndi Zhong, our Director of Marketing Science, is celebrating her first mother’s day with her 5 month old daughter. While she is a new mom she already can find such joy in it,

as a 5-month mom, parenting is not fun, but her smile heals me.”

Cyndi also shares that she and her daughter had an instant connection. Her proudest moment as a parent, so far, happened while she was still pregnant,

I detected my baby’s irregular movement, went to hospital just in time to deliver a healthy baby.”

Lisa Ciancarelli, our VP of Insights & Analytics, celebrates mother day this year with her 17 and 19 year old. She shares how being a parent has changed her and what her children have taught her,

“be in the moment, nothing is ever more important when it comes to family than to be in the moment.”

Having adult children during the pandemic allowed them to have more serious conversations about the future and using focus and vision helped them get through these tough two years. Lisa also has some advice for new moms,

When I brought my son, first born home from the hospital, I sat down with him in my arms and cried.  My family asked what was wrong, to which I responded, “The nurses let me bring him home, I don’t know what I’m doing!”  Nearly 20 years later, my children are surviving to adulthood and thriving.  When I tell new parents they know more than they think they do (which is what my parents told me), it’s based on two generations of experience.”

Ashley Hoskinson, our Director of Brand Solutions, celebrates this mother’s day with her 3 year old son. Ashley shares some of the most valuable advice about parenting she was passed down from her own parents,

You can never give your child too much love–never enough hugs, never enough kisses, and you can never attend enough of their swim lessons, gymnastics lessons, etc.  So much of being a good parent is showing up both physically and emotionally everyday.”

She also recalls her proudest moment as a parent being a bunch of little moments,

It’s not just one moment… It is every single time another parent tells me what a sweetheart my little boy is. It’s a nice validation of what I already know to be true!”

Carly Benson, our VP of Brand Solutions, celebrates this mother’s day with her 6 year old son, Austyn. When asked about her proudest moment as a parent, Carly recalls a heartwarming message from her son,

When Austyn randomly looks at me and says “thank you for giving me this beautiful wonderful life, I’m so proud of you.”

She shares that her son has taught her to love selflessly and the pandemic has allowed them to spend so much time together and see each other for who they truly are.

We appreciate and support all the mothers and soon to be mothers at VideoAmp and wish them a very Happy Mother’s Day.