Jan 21 2022
Company, Culture


We wanted to send 2021 off the right way and at VideoAmp, that meant bringing all Vampers together in Vegas last December, to get hyped, unite as one team and prepare to dominate 2022. We wanted to celebrate our accomplishments and the start of a new year that we know will be special. Over the past year, we grew exponentially and a top priority was to ensure that every person at the company, newbies included, understood our culture and how it is part of our DNA. This wasn’t your typical offsite. It was the launch of a revolution.

Leveraging protocol that made all Vampers in attendance feel safe and comfortable, while providing folks at home with a live stream, we spent two full days hearing from inspiring leaders from across our organization, as well as outside thought leaders. We also made time for fun – creating bonds and memories to last a lifetime. With VideoAmp’s laser focus on revolutionizing the way media is valued, bought and sold, we know the best way in getting there is investing in our people. 

Raise Standards, Narrow Focus and Increase Speed

One of the many highlights of the week was learning about VideoAmp’s values and goals directly from our CEO, Ross McCray. He also brought us through the journey of founding VideoAmp and how the company has gotten to where it is today. He left us all with a message to stand up as leaders and raise our standards, narrow our focus and increase our speed. As one person put it: “I never realized just how important culture was before joining VideoAmp, and HMCMNG was the cherry on top of it all. Hearing the background behind VideoAmp and how exactly we got to where we are today step by step was incredibly helpful.”

We were able to learn from so many leaders throughout VideoAmp, feeling the momentum and inspiration across every department and seniority level. We also had New York Times Best Selling Author, Leif Babin, give a keynote on “Extreme Ownership” showing our people how to handle all sorts of tough situations with confidence and integrity. 

Create More Value Than You Extract

One of the most important themes and takeaways from the week was to create more value for our clients. We see this as a northstar for our company. Transforming a 100 year old industry is no easy feat. We are committed to listening to our customers and delivering them the types of solutions that make their lives exponentially easier and provide exponential return on investment when it comes to their business goals. 

Creating Bonds That Matter 

With our hybrid approach to working and extreme growth over the past year, we felt that coming together in a safe way would galvanize the types of deep bonds and connections that help us reach our goals faster. Our people are the machines that power VideoAmp. In-person connection and team building is so valuable to our company’s mission. Coming out of HMCMNG, one person said: “It is so important to feel connected and a part of something greater than each of us individually. Motivated is an understatement!”. Another said: “VideoAmp’s culture is strong and important and always considered no matter how much we grow.” 

We all learned so much about each other, finding common ground and with a deeper knowledge of the business opportunities ahead.

Our Why

We’re authoring one of the biggest revolutions in the history of advertising. Want to be part of it? Let’s see YOU at HMCMNG MMXXII.