May 19 2020
Culture, Health

Embracing Wellness at Work

At VideoAmp, we are on an infinite quest to create the most optimal workplace experience for employees. As a ‘People First’ company, we look to identify and align our company values and mission with what’s important to our people, both inside and outside of the workplace, which allows them to create a more personal connection to the company. We make sure our values underpin each phase of the employee experience — from welcoming people as new Vampers, to the way teams learn, grow, plan for the future and celebrate each other. 

Of our VideoAmp Values, we believe EMBRACE WELLNESS is paramount to our company’s success and creating a better overall quality of life for our people.

“Never sacrifice your health and wellbeing. Grow your physical, mental, financial and spiritual wellness in harmony with your personal and professional responsibilities.”

To us, wellness is holistic and encompasses all areas of our lives – not just areas that can be measured at work or a doctor’s office! Our People Team works tirelessly to create holistic wellness programs that allow employees to thrive. We focus on personal transformation, team interaction and remaining connected to those we care about most (our families and friends) across six pillars of wellness. These areas have significant effects on people and our intention is to make the most positive and powerful impact possible.

VideoAmp Wellness Pillars

We’ve defined eight key focus areas that ensure all of our people are able to experience the benefits of our wellness program throughout their entire employee lifecycle:

Physical Wellness | recognizing the need for physical activity, nutrition and sleep. We encourage employees to prioritize physical fitness and support them in prioritizing the time and resources to do so. Start-ups have gotten a bad rap for long hours and prioritizing work results over fitness, rest and recovery. Over time, this builds unhealthy habits, which can hinder individuals from working towards their full potential. At VideoAmp, we prioritize personal transformation through regular movement, fitness challenges and rejuvenating activities from the minute a new employee walks in the door. We even invite candidates to get involved in our classes before being hired. We are out to prove it is possible to integrate physical wellness as a seamless part of professional and personal life, rather than viewing it as a trade-off.

Mental Wellness | providing the ability to navigate one’s emotions and weather the inevitable ups and downs of life. This includes our psychological wellness, mindfulness and creating space for people to feel grounded and find clarity. Clarity in our core beliefs and commitments, which drive our emotions and choices both in and out of the workplace. We are what we believe! At VideoAmp, we work toward finding a balanced mindset to empower each other. We provide daily reminders to focus on getting centered and providing mental health resources so that employees feel they have an outlet.

Financial Wellness | encompassing one’s education and personal satisfaction with current and future financial situations. We define financial wellness as having the means, education and resources to maintain and plan for your own essential needs and those of the ones you care for. We promote financial literacy by providing our employees with tools, access to guidance and an open forum for asking questions when it comes to their finances and making smart decisions. 

Spiritual Wellness | exploring the connection with one’s own purpose, direction and  meaning. Spiritual wellness about exploring your own sense of purpose and meaning in life. In a professional setting, we communicate and find ways to help people understand VideoAmp Values. We then provide opportunities to define, identify and relate our own motivation and beliefs to VideoAmp Values. Through established mechanisms, we spotlight and recognize peers for modeling behaviors that matter most to each other.  

Social Wellness | developing a sense of belonging, a robust support system and creating connections. We focus on how we treat others and foster a sense of connection and belonging.  Having a well-developed support system and social community has become a well-known driver of life satisfaction and happiness in recent decades. Relationships and bonds also provide coping mechanisms and experiences to help navigate a range of situations throughout our lives.  

Intellectual Wellness | recognizing intrinsic motivation, our creative needs and finding avenues to grow in personally satisfying ways. We encourage employees to expand on the knowledge and skills they already possess or aspire to. Our People Team not only focuses on helping employees members grow in current roles but also in cultivating their curiosities and abilities, highlighting opportunities to help further their intellectual and creative growth. We want our employees to engage in work that is driven by their own internal rewards and is naturally satisfying to them. There is virtually no limit on how our people can expand their intellectual wellness at VideoAmp with the full support of the company available at every turn. 

Occupational Wellness | the ability to grow exponentially by being authentic, vulnerable and clear with oneself about career aspirations, while letting leadership and colleagues in on the plan. VideoAmp encourages tapping into one’s own brain-power and professional development by putting employees in the driver’s seats of their own career paths. Linked to another VideoAmp Value, GROW EXPONENTIALLY, we encourage employees to dream big. We want our employees to strive to achieve beyond what they thought possible before. We find ways to expand the skills people have today and allow them to grow on a daily basis through experience, exposure and educational opportunities. Vampers grow through each phase of the employee experience. 

Environmental Wellness | creating an energizing space that augments our mindset to help us feel productive and at our best. We put an emphasis on creating a space with natural light and open air as part of our workplace design. When at home, especially when working in a virtual setting, we encourage all employees to create a stimulating, pleasant environment that encourages a resourceful mindset and to lean on VideoAmp for resources to create a positive workspace. In a recent employee survey, we’re happy to know that 92% of employees are feeling good about how VideoAmp is able to handle the transition from office to the virtual home-office.

Being ‘People First’ means we are relentless about doing what is best for our teams, regardless of the cost. By being human and doing right by our employees, we create an environment that enables our people to be the best version of themselves, both professionally and personally, in the healthiest way possible. Whether someone’s entire career path unfolds at VideoAmp or plans carry people outside of the company, we strive to be an impactful part of the journey by EMBRACING WELLNESS and living our VideoAmp Values to the fullest.