Mar 08 2021

“Choose to Challenge” this International Women’s Day

This year’s theme for International Women’s Day is “Choose to Challenge.”
It is so important to hold ourselves accountable and understand that the power is in our own hands to create an inclusive world. The IWD community has reminded us that “We can all choose to challenge and call out gender bias and inequality. We can all choose to seek out and celebrate women’s achievements.

Here’s how and why some of our Vampers #ChoosetoChallenge:

We’ve created an environment that let’s every individual grow exponentially, regardless of gender. We choose to challenge gender inequality and celebrate the legendary female leaders of VideoAmp everyday.

Ross McCray
Co-Founder & CEO

As a mom raising a toddler boy, I challenge gender inequalities daily by breaking down the stereotypes of what is traditionally considered male and female roles. It’s important to me that my son knows that every person is a contributor of equal parts in all facets of our lives, even if that means I’m manning the power drill while my husband’s in charge of dinner.

Katrina Browne
Manager, Brand Marketing

I choose to challenge gender inequality by reminding my daughters that there are no limits to what they can do or who they can be.

Andy Gaudin
Chief Legal & Privacy Officer

I #choosetochallenge through tough and empathetic conversations to dismantle the biases and stereotypes that act as anchors to the status quo.

Kimiko Harris
Senior Sales Marketing Manager

I #choosetochallenge for a more equitable world where nobody is barred from realizing their full potential.

Alex Jackson
Manager, Information Design

I have two daughters and a son, and teaching my kids about gender equality started very early in our household. As a parent, I’m on the front line of change for the next generation. I try to lead by example and have open conversations with them to help shape the way they think about gender and equality.

Jackie Calderon
VP, Program Management

I #choosetochallenge by iterating on hiring practices, pay inequality and leadership paradigms in the tech industry – specifically in Engineering management.

Josh Nisenson
SVP, Engineering

We talk about generational differences and the first-time opportunities happening today, like having our first woman serve as Vice President of country. My personal mission is to “lift others up as we rise,” to afford women the chance to help each other break glass ceilings and influence based on our unique perspectives.

Marisa Peters
Chief People Officer

I choose to challenge gender inequality by championing and learning from inspiring female leaders in our company and encouraging my daughters to follow their lead.

Michael Parkes
Chief Revenue Officer
Nick Chakalos, EVP & GM, Data & Supply

For me, choosing to challenge means forging positive visibility and celebrating achievements of women.

Sharon Lee
VP, Senior Counsel, Legal & Privacy

I challenge gender inequality by teaching my children that their generation can have a significant impact on the future. I also manage my team in a way that they all feel equal, whether from a compensation standpoint or their voice being heard in a conversation.

Rob Leff
Chief Financial Officer

I #choosetochallenge by rooting on the fierce females that are all around me. Reminding them, and myself, that we are just as capable and just as deserving.

Stephanie Doennecke
Director, Marketing Communications

I choose to challenge: inequality, bias, discrimination, silence, aggression, and other’s failure to do the same. I will not forget, actions speak far louder than words.

Frank Germano
SVP, Design