Measurement & Optimization for Data-Driven Advertising

VideoAmp is a software and data company creating a more sophisticated data-driven advertising ecosystem that redefines how media is valued, bought and sold.

Our platform provides measurement and optimization tools that unify audiences across the disparate systems of traditional TV, streaming video and digital media.

Everyone Has Their “Why”

We increase return on investment for advertisers, revenue for publishers and improve the viewing experience for consumers.

The proliferation of streaming and digital media services has created the golden age of video entertainment with more premium TV

We work together, with unwavering commitment from every employee, customer, partner and investor.

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Our timeline

Executive Leadership

Jonathan Steuer

EVP, TV Strategy & Currency

Hari Sankar

EVP, Product & Data Science

Ross McCray

Co-Founder & CEO

Cameron Meierhoefer

Chief Product Officer

Paul Ross

CFO and Board Member

Andy Gaudin

Chief Legal & Privacy Officer

Anthony Psacharopoulos

SVP, Enterprise Solutions

Frank Germano

SVP, Design

Dylan Cox

SVP, Operations

JP Pereira

SVP, Marketing Science

Josh Chasin

Chief Measurability Officer

Wendell Younkins

Chief Accounting Officer

Randy Laughlin

SVP, Business Development

Laura Tormey

Chief Revenue Officer

Michael Parkes


Esther Maguire

SVP, Marketing

Allison Felter

SVP, Sales & Enablement

Mehdi El Hennaoui

SVP, Finance & Strategy

Tony Fagan

Chief Technology Officer

Kim Jones

SVP, Client Success

Nicholas Chakalos

Chief Strategy Officer

Marisa Peters

Chief People Officer

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Why VideoAmp

We're Solving The Industry's Challenges

We embrace constant change and are driven to solve the industry’s toughest challenges by breaking down barriers and putting people first.