VideoAmp DSP

A full-feature, cross-screen platform


VideoAmp's DSP includes a proprietary user graph that seamlessly connects digital video and TV data to high-quality inventory.



True cross-screen planning. Forget the siloed approach to video. Implement cross-screen strategies into every part of your campaign from audience targeting to post-campaign performance metrics.


Create custom cross-screen audiences leveraging VideoAmp’s proprietary user graph. 

Manage and forecast universal reach and frequency.

Apply pre-bid DoubleVerify and IAS filters to ensure cross-screen inventory quality.

Leverage VideoAmp’s vast array of partners for full access to
best-in-class inventory and fraud prevention.

Channel Selector

Unified campaigns and ad placements across screens.

Seamlessly target across screens, selecting browser, player size,
and inventory preferences.

Access to 94% of all video publishers for maximum results.

Select viewability and fraud prevention vendors for safe delivery
of your ads.

Access to 50+ TV broadcasters for premium FEP and OTT inventory.


Drill Down

Multi-dimensional optimization. With real-time power at your fingertips, optimize campaigns against multiple dimensions that maximize return on ad spend.


Optimize against every campaign performance metric.

Optimize beyond site-level metrics to drill into devices, operating systems, geo, and viewability details.

Study insights to identify patterns for future optimizations.

Increase scale alongside quality to drive key KPIs.

Audience Intelligence

Unified campaigns and ad placements across screens.

Real-time analytics across every screen. Measure performance of every KPI including on-target audiences, viewability, completion rate, cost per completed view, and more.

True cross-screen analytics. Real-time roll-up of all activity across all channels.

Measure audience performance with Nielsen and comScore.

Real-time viewability metrics with DoubleVerify, IAS, and MOAT. 


Take the first step toward total video