VideoAmp Solutions

VideoAmp’s powerful platform guarantees the results that matter


From exceeding existing viewability and on-target audience benchmarks to crushing completion and engagement rates, we’ve got you covered.


VideoAmp Viewability Guarantee

We’ll beat your current viewability benchmarks and guarantee performance above 80%. 

Video is the most effective storytelling medium in the digital world, and it’s in short supply. With more ad dollars available than inventory, ad fraud is all too prevalent.

VideoAmp takes this seriously, so seriously that we guarantee your campaigns meet, and exceed, your current benchmarks by taking into account all of the variables that affect viewability — human detection, inventory, device, and player size.


Every impression is analyzed prior to bidding. We evaluate historical user behavior, full URL, IP address, player size, and player location to determine the probability of impression viewability before you invest. 

Use our platform to optimize toward viewability post-bid for maximum performance.


100% Fraud-Free Guarantee

We’re on a mission to ensure every impression you serve reaches your intended audience. It’s so important to us that we offer a 100% Fraud-Free Guarantee. Rest assured, your ad will run on safe sites that serve impressions to humans, not bots.

TV Extension

Extend the reach of your current TV buys by targeting your linear audience online. TV Extension ensures you reach your intended audience at just the right frequency.


Increase or decrease user impressions by targeting audiences basedon whether or not they watched your show on linear TV.


Increase TV Tune-In

Create custom tune-in audiences based on actual TV viewership from comScore Essentials data including 33M set-top boxes and smart TVs.


Seamlessly execute digital campaigns against custom tune-in audiences across digital, mobile, OTT, and VOD.

Optimize performance to drive tune-in lift while exceeding 80% viewability and completion rate.

Manage reach and frequency across screens.

Programmatic TV (PTV)

PTV from VideoAmp is all about automation. Bypass sending countless emails to secure TV spots and experience true automated buying.

Enjoy the flexibility to move between digital video and linear TV in a single platform creating a better workflow experience.

VideoAmp has integrated local and national TV schedule data from Gracenote and historical ad pricing data from SQAD to make planning and buying extremely simple and intuitive.

Leverage VideoAmp’s custom bidder for securing TV inventory.

On-target Audience 

VideoAmp leverages its drill-down optimization to provide on-target guarantees against vCE and DAR demographics.

Data-Driven Full Episode Player (FEP) and OTT Inventory

Decision on any variable — geo, segment, pacing, dayparting, frequency capping, and more — when targeting FEP and OTT from leading TV broadcasters and OTT platforms.

Fully transparent media and analytics.

Target and decision against any audience 
segments on OTT or FEP.

Access 20 of the top TV, PayTV, and OTT programmers in the U.S.

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