We Create Impact

Here at VideoAmp, we don’t build flashy technology for the sake of marketing. At our core, we do everything to drive customer value and real-world outcomes.

The Engineering Team is dedicated to five cultural tenets that permeate our organization.

  • CT 01

    No Bullshit

    Transparency is key. We use OfficeVibe, retros, regular 1:1s and peer feedback loops to get to the root of issues.

  • CT 02

    Maximize Value

    Every project we take on is designed to create impact for customers.

  • CT 03

    People First

    We care deeply about career progression, adaptive learning environments, freedom to experiment and space to innovate.

  • CT 04

    Challenge Paradigms

    There is no such thing as the “right way”! We believe in challenging all assumptions until we arrive at an approach that yields the most effective results.

  • CT 05

    Be Premium

    We are obsessed with great customer experiences! The only way to get there is via constant iteration and best-in-class automation.


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VideoAmp may not be the biggest kid on the block, but we are becoming the fastest because we are tenacious, sharp, focused and dedicated to the pursuit of excellence.

  • 3.5B

    lifetime impressions

  • 80,000

    unique websites per hour

  • 300T

    ad opportunities analyzed

  • 160,000

    targetable user dimensions

  • 2B

    rows of data per table

  • >2PB

    of advertising data in our warehouse


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Hybrid-cloud approach with data center presence, depending on the platform use case:

For our linear demand platform:

For our digital demand platform:

For our linear supply platform:

We work on high-volume, low-latency digital demand systems.


QPS across our digital programmatic systems (up to 1M)


latency across most requests

We work with truly large TV viewership datasets.


sessions per day


user graph