The Transformation Series: Andrew Tepe

By Andrew Tepe, Senior Client Success Manager

Before joining VideoAmp, my career experience centered around sales and client services functions within different media organizations.  It all started when I  wrapped up a degree in finance and marketing and decided to pursue the marketing route and moved from Cincinnati to Chicago. I started in a sales development program at News America Marketing, then a shopper marketing subsidiary of News Corp.  While there, I was exposed to both Fortune 100 marketers and brand managers at upstart CPG (consumer packaged goods) and DTC brands. Fortunately for me, I was placed within the digital media group which represented our nascent programmatic offering and mobile cash back app platform.  The CPG world was challenging and slow to adapt, but the sales training program was rigorous and provided me a great structure to develop my skills and confidence.

I made a leap of faith and decided to leave the training program and joined a start-up adtech company  as an Account Manager, looking to broaden my knowledge and understanding of the adtech ecosystem.  Learning about the entirety of the adtech landscape, who the players were, what was the technical jargon, and what my clients needed from me was a gruelling process and I felt like I was drinking off of a fire hose most of the time.  

When I was ready for the next challenge, a former teammate referred me to VideoAmp who was expanding and looking to hire young sellers in Chicago.  I joined the team right away and set out to become a new minted Account Executive on the agency sales team prospecting across WPP.

During my time at VideoAmp, I transitioned from being an account executive to joining the client success organization which has allowed me to get to know more of my teammates and see how our organization ticks. Learning more about our product and how it’s differentiated in the marketplace has been very rewarding and I enjoy seeing how every wave of new product and feature releases results in better relationships and returning clients. As of 2020, I am back in a role focusing on our TV Maximizer partners and delivering exceptional experiences that makes us indispensable to our agency counterparts. 

For the first time in my work I feel safe enough to ask for new challenges, even ones that are really big and bring me into the unknown.  It’s okay to fail, so long as we learn quickly from our experience and stay open to feedback.  I think there’s a strong reciprocal relationship that I’ve seen in my teammates who have taken on big challenges on other teams at VideoAmp: the company is always willing to let you try to grow exponentially, and there’s always a role for those who are willing to learn and keep trying.

And the best part about working at VideoAmp? *Oprah Voice* Transparency!!!!! No really. Working here with the level of transparency we receive from our managers about the products we sell, the data we analyze and our level of success…we are fortunate.  I think it correlates tightly with one of the business’ main tenets which is “to do what we say we are going to do”, so that our clients can grow to trust us.

I have been privileged to work with a handful of people over the years whose work has left me partially speechless.  The types of people who are always delivering exactly the results their team or clients are looking for, sometimes before we have even finished understanding what the problem was. Our SVP of Marketing,Esther Maguire is one of those people.  Getting the opportunities to work with her over the past year and half has inspired me to adjust the ways that I approach my work and where my energy is being put to use.  Working with leaders like her at VideoAmp sets an example for all of us to build trust while making it fun to be together.

The support we get from our management and People Team is also unrivaled. Our People Team immediately triaged myriad issues of working from “home” indefinitely back in March.  They reached out to me right away to make sure my tech setup was adequate (monitor, mouse, etc) and also that I had a proper place to work in my house.  I asked for a desk chair more similar to the one in the office due to my back issues from working at home and they took care of it.  Long term, management was transparent about our business and the challenges we faced.  It was reassuring to have that honest conversation from our CEO Ross back in March that laid the roadmap for the remainder of the year.  It’s helped all of us I think keep our heads in the game and motivated to keep working as hard as ever.