Mar 28 2022
Platform, Thought Leadership

Lift Measurement Now Available within the VideoAmp Platform

When it’s all said and done, advertising serves one main purpose: influence consumers to take an action. That exact action will be different for every brand, whether that is to make a purchase, sign up for a service or download an app, but one question that all brands must consider is, “Did my advertising actually work in delivering my intended outcome?”

Today, we are thrilled to announce the inclusion of a new, data-driven approach to lift measurement available within the VideoAmp platform. Our team of data scientists, product experts and engineers have developed a cross-channel method that assesses the true impact of linear TV, streaming and digital investments.

VideoAmp’s approach to measuring lift across channels has two key components:

  • Probability modeling: Determining a household’s probability of converting when exposed and unexposed to an ad based on a combination of demographic, behavioral and touchpoint attributes.
  • Assigning lift credit: Identifying each touchpoint’s contribution to the total lift for each household.

VideoAmp is continually focused on innovating, testing, and validating new methods to challenge the industry standard. VideoAmp’s own data scientist, Keith Landry, authored our newest whitepaper, “Lift Measurement: A Data-Driven Approach with VideoAmp”, which we encourage you to download to learn more about how we’re bringing the most accurate cross-channel solutions to market.

Download the Lift Measurement: A Data-Driven Approach with VideoAmp whitepaper.

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