The Drop Shop Be Better.

💚 Being Better is an ongoing effort for us to grow, make changes and become more aware. The latest Drop Shop collection is dedicated to our communities and appreciation for our planet.

How is VideoAmp striving to be better?

  • Upending the status quo and creating a better Advertising Platform for our clients.
  • Creating less waste in the ecosystem by providing better transparency with representative data.
  • Delivering best-in-class service that yields better results and a better partner experience.
  • Raising each other up as colleagues to create better work relationships and opportunities to shine.
  • Pushing ourselves competitively to be better than we were yesterday.

We heard you. Many Vampers provided valuable feedback from previous drops that you wanted us to have a pre-order system. Along with launching the first pre-order collection, here are some additional changes we took as a team to be better.

What we did differently

Instead of producing quantities based off estimations, we reworked the shop’s ordering process to gather exact orders first. It’s our commitment to being better.

The bespoke leaf map designs highlighting each of our VideoAmp locations were inspired by our hope to promote a better sense of community.

Utilizing the indoor garden, yoga mat, tumbler or tote bag remind us to be better in our daily routines.

We chose better vendors that sourced sustainable materials, shared eco-friendly missions and paid fair wages to their employees. Our bespoke packaging for wrapping your kits is also 100% recycled materials.


What you can do differently.

Here are 5 simple steps you can take right now:

Limit your food waste: Because transporting and storing food for consumption uses a lot of energy, use that Better tote bag and try to purchase seasonal foods that don’t use excessive packaging.

Eat more plant-based meals: Even one plant-based meal a week can make a big impact. Foods like tofu, lentils, chickpeas, and quinoa are responsible for emitting 70 times less greenhouse gasses than beef while also requiring less land to produce. Use that indoor garden and start eating green.

Recycle and compost: Check your local guidelines on recycling and composting options. When purchasing things, take a moment to learn about the materials being used to produce those goods. Like many of our items in this collection, strive to purchase sustainably made goods.

Reduce your plastic: Reusable items such as the tumbler and tote bag will assist in eliminating single use plastic. This will equate to less landfills and pollution everywhere.

Conserve energy: Simple actions such as turning off the lights or electronic equipment in the office or at home will save the planet and money on your electric bill. When it’s time to get comfy with your Better blanket, take time to power electronics off.

How to build a better community

Here are some simple ways to makes waves of impact.


Support businesses that make a difference in the community, the economy and the lives of employees living in your community.

You would be surprised at how many things you can donate; toiletries, old clothes, old books, etc. Before you trash it, stop and think if someone might be able to find use in it.

Consider biking, walking, carpooling or using public transportation to get you where you need to go.

Gather and pick up litter, pull weeds, re-paint public spaces, etc. Keep your community beautiful.

You can be a part of bringing important representation to the government and creating positive change.

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