VideoAmp Tools for Media Owners & Distributors


Automated Audiences

VideoAmp provides media owners, premium broadcasters, and publishers with tools to sell custom, high-value audience packages to advertisers. This tool enables you to leverage all screens, including the fast growing OTT format.  

Once considered a challenge for media owners, viewership fragmentation into OTT, live streaming, and on-demand environments now creates a new opportunity. Employ Automated Audiences to leverage your first party DMP audience data or utilize VideoAmp’s cross-screen data to unite audiences across all screens in one elegant platform.

Automated Audiences works seamlessly alongside your existing ad serving, SSP, and DMP tools. VideoAmp is already partnered with most of the leading players. 


Package viewing across all screens in a single workflow.

Manage audience and performance guarantees for direct-sold campaigns to maximize revenue.

Experience de-duplicated reach and frequency against demographic or custom audiences.

Capitalize on guarantees for on-target audience, performance, and viewability metrics. VideoAmp offers support for both Nielsen and comScore vCE measurement as well as IAS, DoubleVerify, and Moat


Cross Screen Data and Forecasting

Forecast, plan, and package de-duplicated audiences across web, in-app, and OTT via VideoAmp’s proprietary user graph.

Ingest your advertiser’s first party data or leverage third party data to package high-value audiences across all channels.

Optimize and report on de-duplicated reach and frequency.


Audience Extension

Don’t let inventory limitations impact your cross-screen sales. If you’re facing an inventory shortage, easily find more scale with Audience Extension.

Leverage your valuable audience data to ensure
advertiser demand is always filled.

Seamlessly add scale to campaigns being managed with Automated Audiences.

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