ATV Ignite

Bring the power and scale of digital targeting to Advanced TV planning and execution

ATV Ignite’s capabilities and wide-ranging partnerships represent one of the industry’s most ambitious efforts to unify TV and video by empowering advertisers to look at upfront TV plans against TV, digital, and first party audience segments. This powerful tool allows you to create seamless, sequential brand experiences for consumers across all screens.

TV Indexing and Planning

Index TV viewing against digital segments to create linear advertising plans. These can be based on first and third party data that includes past location, purchase, and engagement.

Create TV plans using primary, secondary, and tertiary targets.

Combine digital and TV audience targeting.


Upfront or Scatter Optimization

Optimize linear TV schedules for multiple brands across channels and dayparts.

For the first time, use first and third party digital data to optimize upfront TV plans.

Increase efficiencies. Optimize campaigns based on past ad exposure or engagement.

Increase precision. Hone in on purchase, location, and store-visit data to plan and optimize TV schedules.

Advanced TV Buying

Automated buying that leverages custom audiences created in ATV Ignite for local broadcast, national cable, addressable, and VOD.

Our self-serve platform gives marketers and agencies complete control over your TV buys and provides fully transparent data costs, inventory, and pricing.

Apply custom audiences and plans across all 
types of TV formats.

Post Back Reporting

Post against traditional comScore and Nielsen GRPs alongside digital metrics.


Report on the demo plus strategic targets, i.e. age and gender plus income.

Report against primary and secondary targets that can combine TV and digital audience segments.

DMA and zip code level reporting against all targeting options.

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